Community membership – for those who have completed courses with us. More advanced practices based on shared understanding and skill level are available. In recognition of ongoing commitment to sadhana, more included for a lower price.  Community Plus has additional benefits. See below

Categories of membership

Community: at least one 12 week Branches of Yoga course is prerequisite.

Community Plus: additional options, courses and classes included in subscription fee.

(application form is for both options)


Membership plus


timetable and resources available


Community Plus

Simple Sunday class Included Included
Sunday Yoga Nidra Included Included
Tuesday Wellbeing day class Included Included
Meditative Wednesday Included Included
Weekly Discussion on yoga Included Included
Video & audio recordings
Current and recent
Class recordings
Included Included
Extensive archive of resources and classes Included Included
Access to previously completed courses Included Included
Additional resources and advanced courses with purchase of course Included
Course Discounts 15% 15% + with many courses included


Day intensives 
Big Day In with Yoga
– every two months
Included Included
Deeper Day In
– every alternate month
 with 15% discount Included
Retake current version of previously completed courses 15% discount Included

Short courses including:

Essence of Meditation series

Advanced Meditation series

This will include a regular weekly class that systematically goes further with more complex asana, pranayama and meditation. Chakra Shuddhi, advanced ajapajapa, etc

 with 15% discount included in membership
Monthly fee $70 $120

(application form is for both options)

NOTE: We take breaks over Christmas and New Year starting from mid December. During term breaks throughout the year less live classes are available, but typically at least one live class will be available in these times.