Yoga Instructor

in the Satyananda


We learn to understand the benefits and effects of yoga in ourselves and then we instruct from our experience.

surya Namaskara

Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition is a re-imagining of what it is to be a yoga instructor. A practical immersion approach will be taken to learning to instruct. Participants will gain confidence to encourage students to practice regularly, stand on their own feet, and develop resilience in every aspect of their lives.

The course has been rewritten to suit the needs of our time. Graduates will have technical and practical skills to support their students in the wake of the pandemic and the social and personal pressures that are emerging.

The course structure and delivery is designed to be resilient to future challenges in our complex times. We provide a strong course online that builds on over twenty years involvement in distance learning for yoga instructors.

We are aware of the challenges for graduate instructors, and we facilitate a comprehensive network for mutual support and ongoing development for graduates.

This course approaches instructing yoga as another form of sadhana, a reflective practice of continuous improvement and transformation.

Next intake begins with Raja Yoga module that commences in August 2022.

There are 6 online subjects plus a residential.

1. Raja Yoga – June 2022, June 2023 (runs annually)

2. Hatha Yoga – January 2023, January 2024 (runs annually)

3. Karma Yoga – January 30 2023. Mid year 2024 (runs annually)

4. Instruct Yoga 1 – Foundation
10 weeks from early October 2023
5. Instruct Yoga 2 – Reflect and Respond
10 weeks from January 2024
6. Instruct Yoga 3 – Community
10 weeks from April 2024

7. Consolidation – mid course residential
1 week January 2024 Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

Karma Yoga may be completed before or after the Instructor Modules depending on your background. You may be asked to complete it before entry to Instructor Modules. 

The other Bhagavad Gita modules: Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and the Divine Life are ideal preparation before commencement of the instructor modules.

Completion of Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga modules does not guarantee a place in the 3 Instructor modules.

The program takes around 2 years to complete depending on when you commence.

surya Namaskara