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Big Day In with Yoga

Theme: Holding and Letting Go

Sunday 14 April 2024

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A day of yoga practice with a morning class, and sessions throughout the day including a short talk, meditation, and yoga nidra.

When we seek to hold our awareness somewhere, it wanders off, when we want to let something go, it holds on stronger than ever.

There are steps to take with yoga, so that, when the time is right, both processes are possible.

Practices suitable for all levels of experience.

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Essence of Meditation – Breath and Mantra

Four week course

From Saturday April 13 to Wednesday May 8


This four week course commences with a morning class on Saturday April 13. The interplay of breath and mantra will be the focus of meditation. This will include, amongst other practices, the breath with mantra meditation practice known as Ajapajapa.

Breath and mantra will feature in various ways throughout all elements of the classes along with suggestions for how to utilise breath and mantra to steady the mind and focus the awareness in practice and in daily life.

Simple accessible practices looked at with a fresh approach – all about sadhana – building and maintaining one’s own regular personal practice.

Bhakti Yoga Commences 31 May with Residential weekend at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram. Learn more

The courses I have been lucky enough to participate in over the last three years have improved daily life enormously. The teachings and constant practice have uplifted and inspired each day, gifting me with a greater sense of positivity and balance in my life. I have felt supported by, listened to and inspired by others in the weekly tutorials which offer a fantastic yogic community to share experiences and ideas with.

Yoga Instructor course graduate and ongoing Community Member

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Raja Yoga Commences 22 September with Residential week at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram. Learn more

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Develop your own personal practice and understanding of yoga

Indepth courses to grow a sadhana (a regular personal practice). Supporting your independent practice is at the heart of what we do. Learn about the different branches of Yoga and discover classic texts from the tradition.

Big Day In with Yoga
Days full of Yoga

A Sunday of yoga practice that recharges the batteries. These days provide a deeper experience than a single yoga class.

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Immerse yourself in yoga and grow your experience and skills step by step.