Classes, courses and workshops beginning in September – October

Creating Clarity

Spring Residential Weekend Meditation Retreat
29 September – 1 October  $350

At Rocklyn Yoga Ashram led by Swami Vimalratna
Deepen your experience of meditation

Innovative new format

Big Day In with Yoga
Renew your enthusiasm
Big Day In with Yoga
A day of Yoga practice
Sunday 24 September $30


The theme of the day is Simplicity.
Simple practices for a balanced life.
Practices suitable for all levels of experience.
Essence of Meditation – senses

4 weeks online
from 7 October 

Harmonising our experience of the senses creates an open focus for meditation. It may lead to profound mental stillness, and ease a distracted mind.

The senses as the object of meditation will be looked at in every aspect of yoga, including in asana, pranayama and daily life.

Bhakti Yoga
Get to know your self

6 weeks online
from 2 October 2023 $300
Jnana Yoga is a sadhana for cutting through to the simple and true. It is a way of discerning what is essential. It involves perceiving one’s self, others, and place in the universe, with harmony and balance. Explores Bhagavad Gita chapters 13 to 15.

Choose your journey

classes and community
Be part of our community

Regular weekly classes with a lively group of like-minded people.

personal sadhana
Develop your own personal practice and understanding of yoga

Indepth courses to grow a sadhana (a regular personal practice). Supporting your independent practice is at the heart of what we do.

Bhagavad Gita courses
Learn about the essence of the yoga tradition

Branches of Yoga courses based on the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Gherand Samhita and other classic guides for managing life.

instructor image
Learn to
instruct yoga

Immerse yourself in yoga and grow your experience and skills step by step.

Big Day In with Yoga
Days full of Yoga

A Sunday of yoga practice that recharges the batteries. These days provide a deeper experience than a single yoga class.