Big Day In with Yoga

Sunday 10 July 2022

Topic: Moments of stillness and recognition

  • A day at home doing yoga. Practical classes, yoga nidra, meditation, short talks and discussions.
  • The Big Day In provides an opportunity to let go of life’s distractions. Refresh purpose and energy.
  • Runs every two months with a different theme.
  • Free but donations welcome.

Vitality and Resilience

6 weeks home study and practice
2022 intakes:  Jun 20, Oct 17

  • Yoga for health and wellbeing and managing life’s challenges. No previous knowledge required.
  • It works whether you are new to yoga or rebuilding your personal practice.
  • Explore the essence of the tradition with the full support of experienced teachers.
  • An emphasis on supporting the development of regular practice.

Bhakti Yoga

12 weeks from 13 June 2022

  • Chapters 7 -12 of Bhagavad Gita with focus on Bhakti Yoga
  • Multiple practical classes each week
  • Original manual with commentary,
    daily verses and tasks for reflection
  • Live tutorials and lectures (recorded for flexible viewing)
  • Connecting with the positive as a source of personal transformation

Raja Yoga

12 weeks from 5 August 2022

  • Create a quieter mind
  • Understand patterns of mind and behaviour with skills in self observation and reflection
  • Multiple practical classes each week
  • The first three chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
    are addressed directly, simply and practically,
    verse by verse
  • Original commentary and manual

Inner silence

Four week online course

starting May 16

A fresh approach to Antar Mouna (inner silence meditation) and lesser known Yama and Niyama (qualities for living).





Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition

Year 1 – Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Karma Yoga courses.
Prerequisites for Yoga Instructor training.

Year 2 – Comprehensive 9 month Yoga instructing course.

Intakes every 18 months






Each course that I have done built on the one before – they were all great courses and I think it is so special that these courses can now be run in this format making them so accessible to so many people, it is truly a blessing.

Dimensions Course graduate

Every day as part of my ongoing sadhana I will be able to apply the many different skills that I have learnt. I feel that I have learnt such an amazing amount about yoga from doing these three courses and that I could repeat them again in the future and enjoy them just as much.

Dimensions Course graduate

How have you found the range of practices, accompanying resources, and live recordings?

Amazing, very thorough, easy to understand. Particularly with Raja yoga, the way that each week built on the next worked so well, there was a real flowing sequence of information.

Dimensions Course graduate

Very inspirational. So much content to choose from. I am also grateful that we could download the audios so that in the future I have these resources to support my practice whenever I need them.

Dimensions course graduate

All the teachers were easy to listen to. Considered, thoughtful in dialogue, and knowledgable. Feel lucky to have had such good teachers.

Dimensions course gradutate

Yoga Ashram – Balanced Living

5 days in Rocklyn Yoga Ashram with a structured program that embodies and explains key practical concepts and skills which may then be applied in daily life.

Next intake: Oct 30 – Nov 04

Practical yoga classes are central to what we do

We take a practical approach to the philosophy of yoga. All courses have a learning through practice approach with a rich component of asana, pranayama and meditation. Click here to see how this works.

Simple class and meditation

A simple audio class by Swami Vimalratna
Asana (postures) 38min with diagrams
Pranayama (breathing) and Yoga Nidra 22 min
Review of the day meditation 12 min

Yoga as a way of life