Supporting you
develop independent
yoga practice

is at the heart
of what we do


Build your personal practice – start with a weekly class, a short course or a day of yoga

Big Day In with Yoga
Big Day In with Yoga

Sunday every month or so throughout the year.

A day of Yoga practice
Explore a weekly yoga class

Come to one or more yoga class a week and let the class help create a pattern of regular yoga practice.

Monthly subscriptions available.

Essence of Meditation 4 week courses

Long weekly practical class including asana, pranayama and meditation each Saturday morning with a focus on meditative experience.

Short weekly talks and additional optional weekly classes included.

Go deeper into personal practice through systematic development and understanding of different dimensions of yoga and the tradition

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga image
Build your wellbeing and vitality

A 12 week course on Hatha Yoga, building positive patterns for wellbeing, learning to harness energy for a more fulfilling life.

includes 5 day residential and 10 weeks online

January 2024

Raja Yoga
Renovate your life

Concise jewels and useful tools for managing the patterns of everyday life.

includes 5 day residential and 10 weeks online

Second half of 2024

Bhakti Yoga
Bhagavad Gita courses
Uplift yourself

Connecting with the positive as a source of personal transformation. A unique approach to chapter 7 to 12 of Bhagavad Gita.

Mid year 2024

Jnana Yoga
Get to know your self

Jnana Yoga is a sadhana for cutting through to the simple and true. It is a way of discerning what is essential. It involves perceiving one’s self, others, and place in the universe, with harmony and balance. Explores Bhagavad Gita chapters 13 to 15.

6 weeks online
from 2 October 2023

classes and community
Be part of our community

Regular yoga classes help keep the enthusiasm for personal practice.

We offer a range of yoga courses and opportunities to maintain your practice with courses and classes designed to support experienced students continue to develop their practice.

Take your practice up a level

6 week courses with more advanced practices. For experienced practitioners only, particularly for graduates of our longer sadhana courses. 

Contact us – we would like to hear from you