hatha yoga - trikonasana 2024

Hatha Yoga

Seven qualities & Seven skills

Hatha Yoga for health and wellbeing

Commencing Jan 2025
6 day residential at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram
12 weeks Self discovery (approx 5 hrs per week)

Perfection results from practical application. Without practicing how can it happen? …

Chap 1 verse 64 Hatha Yoga Pradipika

6 day residential

Intensive at Rocklyn Ashram

  • A week of balanced yoga practice with an emphasis on coming to understand Hatha Yoga in daily life
  • In-depth introduction to key aspects of yoga practice, including shatkarma, asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation, from a Hatha Yoga perspective
  • Simple and integrated approach to key Hatha Yoga concepts such as Shodhanam (purity), Dhridata (firmness), Sthairyam (steadiness), Dhairyam (patience), Laghavam (lightness), Pratyaksham (insight)
  • Group discussions, engagement in ashram life
  • Sunday to Friday mid January 2025 at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

12 weeks self discovery

Integrate in Daily life

  • Weekly explorations, daily tasks
  • Integrated practical yoga with simple approach to concepts
  • Hatha Yoga qualities revealed through guided self exploration
  • 12 weeks self-discovery in daily life
  • Regular short videos and email inspiration over the 12 weeks
  • Live online guided group tutorials
  • Simple incremental personal practice guide for developing personal Sadhana
  • Email support from experienced teachers
  • Three online practical yoga classes given weekly.
  • Optional ongoing access to course website
  • Optional one on one teacher sessions
  • Approx five hours a week, though more engagement is likely to provide greater progress
  • From Feb 2025

Life long skills

Build capacity,
create a balanced life

  • Build a toolkit of yoga shatkarma, asana, mudra, pranayama, and meditation suitable for supporting the development and maintenance of a regular personal practice
  • Hatha Yoga qualities and strategies for managing one’s life, including Shodhanam (purity), Dhridata (firmness), Sthairyam (steadiness), Dhairyam (patience), Laghavam (lightness), Pratyaksham (insight) are explored and revealed through guided self exploration and sustained immersion
  • Learn to utilise yoga to manage physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Create ongoing connections with like minded people looking to make yoga a central part of their life

Practical details

Standalone modules or combine for full benefit:
Residential $750
12 week Self discovery $750
Combined $1100

Purification, firmness, steadiness, patience, lightness, inner perception and non-involvement are the seven sadhanas – Through shatkarma, purification of the body is achieved; through asanas, firmness, through pratyahara patience is achieved. Through pranayama, agility or lightness is achieved; through meditation, self realisation; and through samadhi, non-involvement, or detachment, and, undoubtedly, liberation are achieved.

verses 9,10,11,
Gheranda Samhita