Ajapajapa Breath Meditation – Progressive level 1

Saturday July 22 – Wednesday Aug 30

1hr 30min class each Saturday morning for six weeks


Develop your skills with Ajapajapa breath meditation.

Who is this course for?

Ideal for someone who has a regular simple Ajapajapa meditation practice, including those who have done earlier Ajapajapa courses with Sharing and Learning Yoga.

This course explores taking awareness up and down the spinal pathway and effectively builds on the experience of Chakra Shuddhi in the first course of this series.

If you have done the Essence of Meditation – breath course (June 2023), or another course that systematically introduces Ajapajapa Meditation, this will build on your experience.

Asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, are integrated  in these courses to create a balanced meditative experience and, together, are designed to foster personal sadhana (regular daily practice).

When do I need to turn up?

The primary commitment is a weekly live online Saturday morning class, with the option of a number of other classes during the week, as well as access to short talks on the subject, short standalone recorded meditations, and recordings of primary live classes. See timetable below.


This course is only for participants experienced in the earlier stages of Ajapajapa meditation and yoga.

  • Concepts are explained clearly.
  • Sessions are presented live with HQ video available afterwards. Recordings are available for three months. Timetable below.
  • Short talks may be attended live but are equally designed to be used as reference recordings on the topics of the week.
  • Additional optional classes see timetable below
  • Written and recorded resources support the course
  • A course primarily for graduates of longer Sharing and Learning Yoga courses. A high level of assumed knowledge of practices such as Ajapajapa meditation, and asana and pranayama from the Satyananda tradition

About Ajapajapa Meditation

Ajapajapa Meditation takes breath along a specific pathway in the body with a mantra. The primary pathway in this course will be the length of the spine.

At a certain stage of this meditation what begins as a conscious and deliberate process becomes an effortless spontaneous flow of mantra, breath and pathway. Every element is entwined with the others within the embrace of conscious awareness.

It is a wonderfully flexible meditation, whether the mind is busy or quiet, the breath itself is the focus, the breath is what takes us on the journey.

As my personal daily meditation practice for thirty years – I look forward to sharing this wonderful flexible meditation with you.

Vimalratna - course teacher

Weekly timetable

All times AEDT

Saturday 7-8.30am – ADVANCED MEDITATION CLASS – Practical class with a focus on meditative experience, preferable to attend live most weeks, attending via recorded classes possible with prior discussion.

Saturday 11-11.30am  – SHORT TALK and meditation on the topic of the week, live, also recorded for viewing at your convenience.


Additional classes available at no extra charge while you are attending this course

Sunday 7-8.30am CLASS, optional

Sunday 11.30-12pm – YOGA NIDRA, live, recorded for practicing at your convenience.

Meditative Wednesday 7-8.05am – CLASS, optional