Big Day In with Yoga

Yoga retreat at home suitable for all levels of skill and fitness.

The theme of sessions for 2023 is Health and Wellbeing with Yoga.

Yoga classes, meditation, talks and discussion take place throughout the day.

$30 per day, also included as part of Open, Community and Plus Membership.

See below for topics dates and details. More information soon.

Sunday January 22

Observing body

a guide to yoga for self understanding through focus on body

Useful for learning how to manage physical health, energy and patterns of mind.

Sunday March 12

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Observing breath

Breath is fundamental to life, without it we cease to be, it is an intimate part of our entire life. When we become aware of it, learn to understand it and manage the quality of it, we enhance our potential for health and wellbeing. We become more capable of managing stress, creating relaxation, and diminishing the busyness of the mind.


Sunday May 21

Managing mind with breath

Breath is a subtle tool that can be directed to support the release of physical and mental tension, even to quietening the wayward mind.
Yoga contains many techniques that utilise breathing. With mastery of these practices, it is possible to redirect the flow of breath, to alter patterns of mind, to create balance, peace and clarity.
Knowledge of breath also means knowing how each breath technique works and when to use these techniques to support a balanced life.


Sunday July 9

Topic to be confirmed

Sunday September 24

Topic to be confirmed

Sunday November 14

Topic to be confirmed

Timetable for the day

All times Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) in southern hemisphere Summer,
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) in Winter

7-8.30am – Morning class – Prepare for the day with asana pranayama and meditation

10.15 – 11.15am – Talk and meditation – Meditation and Talk on the theme of the day

11.30-12pm – Yoga Nidra

3.00-4.00pm – Talk, discussion, and practice – More on the theme, Q&A, practice