Big Day In with Yoga

Yoga retreat at home suitable for all levels of skill and fitness.

The theme of sessions for 2023 is Health and Wellbeing with Yoga.

Yoga classes, meditation, talks and discussion take place throughout the day.

$30 per day, also included as part of Open, Community and Plus Membership.

The day’s focus will be explored for its relevance to practical yoga, including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, transforming awareness and creating clarity in daily life.

See below for topics dates and details.


Sunday January 22

Observing body

a guide to yoga for self understanding through focus on body

Useful for learning how to manage physical health, energy and patterns of mind.

Sunday March 12

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Observing breath

Breath is fundamental to life, without it we cease to be, it is an intimate part of our entire life. When we become aware of it, learn to understand it and manage the quality of it, we enhance our potential for health and wellbeing. We become more capable of managing stress, creating relaxation, and diminishing the busyness of the mind.


Sunday May 21

Managing mind with breath

Breath is a subtle tool that can be directed to support the release of physical and mental tension, even to quietening the wayward mind.
Yoga contains many techniques that utilise breathing. With mastery of these practices, it is possible to redirect the flow of breath, to alter patterns of mind, to create balance, peace and clarity.
Knowledge of breath also means knowing how each breath technique works and when to use these techniques to support a balanced life.


Sunday July 9

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Exploring the senses

Exploring the senses – utilise yoga techniques involving sensory experience to develop observation and self-reflection skills.

Or else the mind can be made steady by bringing it into the activities of sense experience.” chap 1, sutra 35, Patanjali, Yoga Sutras

The senses are the focus of this day, awareness of sensory experience. Learning to observe with openness. Learning to experience without reacting, without imbalance, without pulling away.

This focus will be explored for its relevance to practical yoga, including asana (postures), meditation, transforming awareness in daily life, and steadying the mind.

Sunday September 24


The theme of the day is Simplicity. Simple practices for a balanced life. Practices suitable for all levels of experience.

Simplicity is a life without clutter.
It is found in simple food, clothes and home.
It implies letting go of the unnecessary and leaving room for what is important.

Focus on one thing at a time rather than many things at once.

Simplicity implies finding the straightest way between two points.
If we are looking to create a quieter mind, developing simplicity will be of valuable assistance.

Sunday November 19

Shanti – Peace

Inner peace – finding balance and empowerment to make a difference in a world of conflict

In a world of conflict it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Yoga offers ways to find a steady centre, peace within, from which to effectively engage with life’s complications and to make a difference to the lives of others. There can be no external peace, a culture of peace, without cultivating this within ourselves, including in how we go about interacting with ourselves and others.

This focus will be explored for its relevance with the tools of practical yoga, including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, transforming awareness and creating peace in daily life.

Timetable for the day

All times Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) in southern hemisphere Summer,
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) in Winter

7-8.30am – Morning class – Prepare for the day with asana pranayama and meditation

10-11am – Talk and meditation – Meditation and Talk on the theme of the day

11.30-12pm – Yoga Nidra

3.00-4.00pm – Talk, discussion, and practice – More on the theme, Q&A, practice