Sat Oct 14 – Wed Nov 8

Essence of Meditation – Senses

This course runs for four weeks from the beginning of October.

Every form of meditation and, more broadly, any yoga practice, needs a vehicle to hold and focus awareness. One of the most overlooked is sensory awareness.

Sensory experience as the object of meditation will be looked at in every aspect of yoga, including in asana, pranayama and daily life.  $150


Sat Nov 18 – Wed Dec 13

Essence of Meditation – Mantra

This course runs for four weeks from middle of November. Mantra will be the object of meditation. It will feature a number of practices that utilise mantra in. Mantra will be looked at in every aspect of yoga, including in asana, pranayama and daily life.  $150

Essence of Meditation series of courses

A new series of four week practical courses on the primary skills needed for meditation, running throughout 2023.

$150 per course module.

  • Essential aspects of yoga meditation systematically introduced in a practical and open way.
  • A new approach to ancient practice – different to previous courses.
  • No previous experience required, if you have experience, deepen your understanding.
  • Explore in live sessions online with extended access to quality video recordings.
  • Program designed to fit in amongst the flow of a busy life.
  • As well as meditation the course contains Yoga asana, pranayama, weekly yoga nidra, and short talks and topics for refection.
  • Course is built around an early Saturday morning practical class with extended meditation. Additional sessions throughout the week are optional but will enhance the experience.

Recordings of live sessions are available for three months. Short talks may be attended live but are designed to be used as reference recordings on the topics of the week and directly related to the main practical class on Saturday mornings.

Weekly timetable

all times AEST

Saturday 7-8.30am – ESSENCE OF MEDITATION CLASS – Practical class including asana, pranayama and meditation with a focus on meditative experience, essential to attend live most weeks.

Saturday 11.30 – 12pm  – SHORT TALK and meditation on the topic, live, also recorded for viewing at your convenience.


Additional classes available at no extra charge while you are attending this course

Sunday 7-8.30am CLASS, linked to the theme, optional

Sunday 11.30-12pm – YOGA NIDRA, live, recorded for practicing at your convenience.

Wednesday 7.00-8.05am – CLASS, optional