Essence of Meditation

Fri evening 13 to Fri evening 20 January 2023


Essential aspects of yoga meditation systematically introduced in a practical and open way. A week long program of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, with short  talks and daily themes. Explore in live sessions online with extended access to quality video recordings.

A new program exploring essential elements of meditative experience such as:

  • Preparing for practice
  • Breath and mantra
  • Stillness and movement
  • Simplicity and regularity
  • Comfort and ease
  • Witnessing
  • Interplay with other aspects of yoga such as asana and pranayama
  • Interplay of expansion and withdrawal
  • Interplay of calmness and reflective processes
  • Interplay of awareness and focus
  • Whether there is happiness or pain
  • Whether comfort or discomfort
  • Whether scattered or one pointed
  • Neither pushing away nor carried away
  • Developing practice over time
  • Meditation in daily life

Whatever your state of mind and body, harmonise your experience, align body, breath, life and mind.

Program designed to fit in amongst the flow of a busy life (or on holiday).

No previous experience required, if you have experience, deepen your understanding.

All sessions are presented live with HQ video available afterwards of all sessions except discussions. Discussions are invaluable to attend in person. You may come live for all practical classes or for only a selection, for example, evening sessions. Recordings are available for three months. Short talks may be attended live but are designed to be used as reference recordings on the topics of the day.

 Timetable draft below – To be confirmed

All times AEDT Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15 Mon 16 Tue 17 Wed 18 Thu 19 Fri 20
7-8.05am Class Class Class Class
11-11.30am short talk short talk short talk short talk short talk short talk short talk
11.30am Yoga Nidra
5-6pm Intro Discussion
6.30-7.45pm Class Class Discussion Class Class