Bhakti Sutras

Journey into the heart of Bhakti Yoga

July 8 – 10 2022

Residential weekend at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

$350 including all meals and shared accommodation

Presented by Swami Vimalratna, this weekend course delves into this beautiful traditional text on Bhakti Yoga, verse by verse, in a way that is clear, practical and relevant to all of us.

This weekend course stands alone, however, it is also a companion course the Bhakti Yoga and Bhagavad Gita course running online during this time from Sharing and Learning Yoga.

The course runs immediately before the Guru Poornima celebration and Initiates Retreat at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram and provides a complementary experience for a Bhakti orientated week at the ashram.

For experienced practitioners and students.

Bhakti, truly, is of the nature of supreme Love.

It is of the nature of immortality.

On attaining this supreme love, any human being attains perfection, immortality and complete contentment.

By attaining Divine Love a person does not desire anything else, they no longer grieve nor hate, nor crave sensual pleasures, nor feel the urge for the acquisition of material things.

By experiencing Bhakti a person becomes intoxicated, peaceful and completely immersed in the enjoyment of the bliss of the Atman.

Narada Bhakti Sutras chap 1 verses 2 – 6