Village Yoga classes

Online classes with a casual country atmosphere, brought to you by Sharing and Learning Yoga.

Specialising in support for regional and remote residents. At this point in time we welcome anyone who is without the opportunity for a local yoga class.

Numbers are strictly limited, class sizes are consciously small, and we can’t guarantee a place.

Our Classes

Village Wednesday

An ongoing general class, evolving from week to week, that finishes with a long yoga nidra. A multi-level class suitable for students with some experience, but catering for a range of capacities.

A long running class that has adapted and evolved to be online during the Pandemic. Entry by application places strictly limited.

Revitalise Thursday

Simple dynamic asanas with plenty of pranayama and a short yoga nidra.

Gentle Day Class

Middle of the day classes designed to refresh and restore. Suitable for a wide range of abilities, from beginner to experienced. For anyone wanting a self reflective light approach.

It is quite common for students to be involved from a range of time zones.