Balanced Living – Yoga Ashram

Next intake 2023

$250 (10% discount for current and past Dimensions of Yoga students)

Includes all meals and shared accommodation at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram.

Apply through Rocklyn Yoga Ashram.

5 days in Rocklyn Yoga Ashram with a structured program that embodies and explains key practical concepts and skills which may then be applied in daily life.

The ashram is a traditional place for learning the skills for balanced living. This innovative course has a comprehensive guided structure, a new manual, and ongoing access to web resources.

It applies the Dimensions of Yoga approach to the ashram system. Organised by Swami Vimalratna.

Practical, experiential, immersive and full of down to earth ideas for living

  • It includes daily activities of ashram life, including karma yoga, early morning classes, Yoga Nidra, meditation, mantra chanting, kirtan and bhajans.
  • Morning chanting, short morning talk, afternoon reflection and meditation, evening program with chanting and discussions.
  • Structured resources and lessons support learning over the week.
  • Website resources support ongoing engagement with practice and skills and ashram.

Each day of the course has a topic for reflection and exploration:

Day 1 Phalam Tyaga – letting go of expectations

How to act without expectations of the future, or rumination on the past, being present and engaged. Then, letting go, physically, mentally and emotionally, travelling more lightly through life.

Day 2 Drashta – self observation and understanding

Foster yoga skills that develop the capacity to observe and reflect without judgement, cultivating patience and acceptance. These skills form the basis for greater self understanding and increased capacity for personal transformation and positive engagement in life. This underpins all other skills when working with attitudes in daily life. When we learn to see ourselves in a non-reactive way, then real transformation is possible.

Day 3 Simplicity and Regularity – positive patterns for living

The nature of ashram life has these two qualities in-built into every aspect of the day. Simple daily tasks, simple food, and engagement in the ordinary life of the ashram, act together to pare back the complications of life, leaving space for clarity of mind and mindful action. Regularity of rising and sleeping, yoga practice, meals and daily tasks, creates a positive rhythm for each day.

Day 4 Karmasu Kaushulam –  fully engaged with the task at hand

Engage with the head, heart and hands with an attitude of being fully present, mind on the task, doing your best and persevering. Immerse in the task to be done, and  then let go.

Day 5 Samatwam – balance and flow, harmony of thought, feeling and action

With growing self understanding and discernment, and sustained engagement in karma yoga, we begin to alter the balance. We begin to create sustainable positive patterns for living. We find our inner centre, a kernel of stillness and insight. Acting from this place, we are better able to balance and flow with life in constructive and creative ways.