Short yoga courses

During 2023 we are running a series of short (4-6 week) yoga courses that delve deep into specific aspects of yoga. They run on Saturday mornings AEDT.

There are two strands, one suitable for all levels of experience (Essence of Meditation) and one primarily for those who have done 12 week courses with us previously (Advanced Meditation). You may enrol for the year or for individual blocks. Overview of each program below with further information on their own page.

Day Seminars 

We have Sunday programs once a month. Big Day In with Yoga (for all levels) and Deeper Day In (for those who have done courses with us, or who have relevant prior experience). These two programs run on alternate months. Overview below, individual pages give details.


Essence of meditation

4 weeks blocks throughout 2023

first four weeks of each term

1 specific class and talk per week

Additional resources and weekly classes

Each block has a different meditative focus:

Block 1: Body – Primary practice will be Kaya Sthairyam ( body stillness)

Block 2: Breath – primary practice will be Ajapajapa

Block 3: Sensory awareness and mind

These courses are available to all with no prerequisites. experienced participants will also gain insights from this new approach.

Part of Community Plus membership


Advanced meditation

6 week blocks throughout 2023

Last six weeks of each term.

1 specific class and talk per week, balanced class with more complex asana, pranayama and meditation

Additional resources and optional classes

Each block has a different meditative focus:

Block 1: Chakra Shuddhi

Block 2: Progressive Ajapajapa 1

Block 3: Progressive Ajapajapa 2

These courses are available to graduates of twelve week Branches of Yoga courses.

Included as part of Community Plus membership


Big Day In with Yoga

This popular one day Sunday program from 2022 continues on in 2023. Open to all.

This year’s focus is Health and wellbeing through yoga.

Practical yoga classes morning and evening, sessions including short talks, yoga nidra and meditation throughout the day.

Also part of the Open Membership, Community and Plus Membership.

Runs every second month, (alternate months to Deeper Day In).

Deep Dive Into Yoga

A day of practice and reflection on the yoga tradition. Go deeper into the spiritual essence of yoga and share the day with other experienced Yoga practitioners.

This day includes practical yoga classes for experienced practitioners including asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, and meditations inspired by shorter classic texts on yoga.

As part of each day there will be a simple heartfelt down to earth non academic exploration of atraditional text that explores the heart of yoga.

Chanting and contemplative reflections on the text will be part of the day.

Included as part of Community Plus membership.

Runs every second month (alternate months to Big Day In).