Open membership

Open membership is available to anyone who would like regular yoga classes in the Satyananda style each week. Come to one or more class. Full day seminars every alternate month. Live zoom classes with quality video and audio recordings. Flexible access, senior teachers, supportive community, optional weekly open discussion on yoga.



Timetable and resources available


Simple Sunday class – 7-8.30am AEDT Included
Sunday Yoga Nidra – 11.30am AEDT Included
Guide to Yoga Saturday courses – 7.30-8.30am, 11.30-12pm AEDT Included
Village Wednesday class – 6.30-8pm AEDT Wednesday Included
Video & audio recordings
Current and recent
Class recordings
Day intensives 
Big Day In with Yoga
2nd Sunday every two months
Course Discounts 5%
Monthly Fee

NOTE: We take breaks over Christmas and New Year starting from December 15. During term breaks throughout the year less live classes are available.