Not a day goes by without hearing about, or seeing first hand, that many people are struggling. Times appear even harder now than they were during the pandemic. To support this need we have substantially lowered the price on longer Sharing and Learning Yoga courses for the rest of 2023 for all students. Click images for course details.

Raja Yoga

was $900 – now $750

Bhakti Yoga

was $700 – now $550

Chakra Shuddhi

was $225 – now $200

This discount includes the Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga courses. This is in direct response to perceived community need for the benefits of these courses and the challenging situations that many currently find themselves.

In addition, if your financial situation is challenging, you are welcome to discuss options with us so that you can still be part of these courses which we present with the primary goal of giving access to tools for managing life’s complexity.