Gift of Yoga Day

Discover hidden jewels in the Branches of Yoga

Hatha Yoga – Raja Yoga – Karma Yoga – Bhakti Yoga – Jnana Yoga

Online open day through Rocklyn Yoga Ashram. Recordings of the day still available.

Sunday May 2

The branches of yoga are different approaches to yoga that systematically work with body, mind, emotions, personality and life itself. They can be integrated to form a complete system for developing self understanding and human creativity. Discover a pathway to becoming your best self by learning how these different yoga systems can combine in practical and simple ways.

Sw Vimalratna and Sw Atmamuktananda provide a down to earth lens on these ancient systems of knowledge and practice.


8-9am practical class Sw Atmamuktananda

10.30-11.30am – Hatha and Raja Yoga – developing self understanding and managing energy. Talk and Practice. Sw Vimalratna

12pm Yoga Nidra – Sw Vimalratna

2.30-3.30pm – Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga, – Working with head, heart and hands towards living a more positive and balanced life.
Talk and Practice. Sw Vimalratna