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Practical details

Introductory residential week
live at Rocklyn
15 – 21 January 2024

10 weeks online
Sunday 4 Feb
to Sunday 13 April 2024

10 hrs a week

$1100 Module fee
Non refundable Deposit $500 Instalment plans for the remaining fee are available.

Includes all tuition and classes

Includes all tuition and classes

$200 shared accommodation and meals fee.

Flexible attendance pattern for long distance students.

Payments for remaining Instructor modules are spaced throughout the duration of the overall course.

Yoga Instructor Module 1: Foundation

Entry dependent on successful completion of prerequisite Hatha and Raja Yoga modules and demonstrated personal readiness to begin to instruct yoga.

On completion of this module the successful participant will have the skills to instruct simply a range of foundation practices from the Satyananda tradition of yoga including:

  • Pawanmuktasana and a selection of other foundation level asana (postures).
  • Instruct basic pranayama (breathing techniques). Utilising skills with breath to foster physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Foundation Yoga Nidra with sankalpa
  • Instruct sitting for comfort and stillness for short periods.

Anatomy and physiology for relevant practices including principles of care is integrated into the program.

Learn through practical experience of instructing from the first day.

Skills for Instructing online and in live classes.

Assessment is through participation and engagement, instructing diary, and demonstration of instructing skills.

Practice a daily sadhana based on practices being instructed to consolidate understanding.

At the end of this module the participants in the course will be able to instruct a series of simple community classes effectively and appropriately.

Start the training by completing Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

The three instructor modules are designed to be completed in linear order. Initial enrolment covers the three modules. All course modules need to be completed to receive the qualification.

Karma Yoga may need to be completed prior to Instructor Module 1, otherwise, after the three Instructor modules.