Community Yoga Instructor

in the Satyananda Tradition

Course overview

This course approaches instructing yoga as another form of sadhana, a reflective practice of continuous improvement and transformation.

Each intake begins with completion of Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Karma Yoga modules. It is expected that you will develop a regular practice for some years in the Satyananda tradition before completion of the Yoga Instructor Modules.

There are 6 modules
See individual course module pages for more details.
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Prerequisite courses - new dates

Hatha Yoga
5 day residential 22  – 26 January 2024, followed by 10 weeks online from 3 February

Raja Yoga
5 day residential followed by 10 weeks online from 22 Sept 2024

Karma Yoga
5 day residential followed by 10 weeks online from January 2025

Yoga Instructor - new dates

3 subjects to be taken sequentially

Foundation – Yoga Instructor 1
Residential 15 – 21 January, and 10 weeks online from 1 February 2024

Reflect and Respond – Yoga Instructor 2
Residential from 26 -31 May, and 10 weeks online from 9 June 2024

Community Yoga Instructor – Yoga Instructor 3
Residential from 29 September – 4 October, and 10 weeks online from 29 Sept 2024

Raja Yoga

Hatha Yoga image

Hatha Yoga

Karma Yoga

Instructor 1

Instructor 2

Instructor 2

Instructor 3

Instructor 3

Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition is a re-imagining of what it is to be a yoga instructor. This is a highly practical course. You will learn through immersion, first by doing the practices as your own personal sadhana, and then, during the three Instructor specific modules, learn by continuous instructing practice, drawing on your personal experience as you instruct.

Practical details

The courses contain a mix of short residential stays and online study and practice at home.

Entry into Instructor specific modules is dependent on successful completion of prerequisite Hatha and Raja Yoga modules, and demonstrated personal readiness to begin to instruct yoga.

Completion of prerequisite modules does not guarantee a place in the Yoga Instructor course. Dates for future Yoga Instructor courses are subject to participant demand and may run every 2 to 3 years. We reserve the right to cancel future Instructor course intakes.

The three instructor specific modules are designed to be completed in linear order. Apply for the Instructor course after you have completed the other modules.

Karma Yoga is a co-requisite course and may need to be completed prior to Instructor Module 1, otherwise, with permission from course coordinators, after the three Instructor modules.

All 6 course modules need to be completed to receive the qualification.

Residential blocks are completed at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram near Daylesford. Details here:

Online components are presented through online live classes, tutorials, lectures and workshops, with a comprehensive learning resource website to support your learning. Most live sessions are also video recorded for later viewing.

During the Instructor Modules the sessions other than classes are highly interactive with a high percentage of the time engaged in practice instructing one another.

You will also be expected to have a group of friends or family that you instruct, and learn from instructing, during these three modules.

The practices taught and the style of instruction are all according to the Satyananda tradition.

We are an independent Australian based social enterprise.

Course content and fee details are listed on the individual course pages.

Fees for 2024

Hatha Yoga $1000 – includes residential fee and online tuition

Raja Yoga $1050 – includes residential fee and online tuition

Karma Yoga – $1050 includes residential fee and online tuition

3 instructor modules together total $3900 including residential fees

Payments are spaced over the duration of the six modules of the overall course. Additional modified payment plans are available. Don’t hesitate to discuss with us if you would like to do these courses but will need time to manage payments.

You will gain confidence to encourage students to practice regularly, stand on their own feet, and develop resilience in every aspect of their lives.

The course has been rewritten to suit the needs of our time. As a graduate you will have the technical and practical skills to support your students in the wake of the pandemic and the social and personal pressures that are emerging.

The course is designed to be resilient to future challenges in our complex times. We provide a strong  structure for learning with professional personalised support that builds on over twenty years local and international experience in developing courses for yoga instructors.

We are aware of the challenges for graduate instructors, and we facilitate a comprehensive network for mutual support and ongoing development for graduates.

Swami Vimalratna

Your Teachers

Swami Vimalratna will guide these courses leading a dedicated team of teachers. He is well known as a yoga course developer and teacher with the ability to make deep traditional knowledge clear and practical. He has a PhD on the topic of understanding and sharing cultural wisdom. The courses are designed for immersion and true understanding, not an academic approach. Instead, there are useful tools with direct application in life and clear guidelines on how to use them. Learning is structured to build incrementally throughout the courses.

Vimalratna has 27 years experience teaching yoga and a Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Teaching. He is also an award winning filmmaker with degrees in graphic design and animation. Therefore, the courses have been prepared with creative high quality manuals, recordings and other resources. The whole learning process is steeped in personal understanding of yoga, to help make the experience enjoyable, approachable and real.