Thanks to everyone who has supported us so fully during 2021. 2022 marks a number of milestones for Sharing and Learning Yoga. There is a lot happening and this is an overview of the latest developments.

New home for Sharing and Learning Yoga

We have moved into a new venue that has been designed to better facilitate what we do. This means that there will be noticeable improvements in our video and audio quality and more professional presentation.

Our courses offer more live classes each week than ever before and we include video of key class recordings.

New Community Membership

The community membership program is for students who have completed at least one of our 12 week courses, we now offer ongoing regular classes, including a weekly yoga nidra, Simple Sunday and Meditative Wednesday classes, Big Day In every second month, access to  courses you have previously completed, discounts on new courses and more, for a monthly fee of $60. More information here.

Timetable changes

In 2022 Hatha Yoga will now run from the end of January and Raja Yoga will now run in August. There are a number of students who have completed Raja Yoga and are waiting to do Hatha Yoga. This timetable change will suit more potential students.

The next Yoga Instructor module will run from mid January 2022 as planned. However the following intake will start mid year in 2023. Instructor Modules are likely to run every 18 months or so from now on.

The extra time between Instructor modules is to allow more students to complete the Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga Gita modules before commencing. These course are highly recommended for anyone considering becoming an instructor, or simply taking their understanding of yoga to the next level.

 Big Day In

These are intended to be regular days every couple of months from now on. They are open as a sample for those considering participating in our courses, current students and community members. The first one will run on January 23. More information here

Village Wednesday

This is a standalone weekly class based on the local country village class that has been taught online throughout the pandemic. For those with some familiarity with the tradition who want a straightforward class with a long yoga nidra. It is also part of an initiative to support yoga in regional and remote areas. Contact me for further information.

New – Yoga Nidra each Sunday

This will be bundled in with most courses and memberships.

Practice based courses

New courses like the Pranayama and Ajapajapa course from 2021 are coming later in 2022. This includes an Antar Mouna course entwined with a selection of lesser known yama and niyama, and Pranayama and Ajapajapa 2. More on this soon.

Very happy to be sharing these new initiatives with you.

Om Vimalratna