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Practical details

Residential Week
live at Rocklyn Ashram
Sunday 26 – Friday 31 May 2024

followed by 10 weeks online
Sunday June 9
to Sunday August 18 2024

10 hrs a week

$1100 Module fee
Non refundable Deposit $500 instalment plans for the remaining fee are available.

Includes all tuition and classes

$200 shared accommodation and meals fee. Flexible attendance pattern for long distance students.

Payments for remaining Instructor module is spaced throughout the duration of the overall course.

Yoga Instructor Module 2:
Reflect and Respond

Entry dependent on successful completion of Instructor Module 1.


  • Self reflective – understanding oneself as the foundation for instructing well.
  • Reflect on the ongoing experience of instructing, learning from participants through observation, feedback and experience.
  • Understand and reflect on the relevance to instructing of concepts from the tradition including: Head, Heart and Hands, Serve Love Give, the 18 itties of Swami Sivananda, SWAN.


  • Changing behaviour, becoming a better human being.
  • Continuously learning from experience, develop and apply greater flexibility with skills and strategies to instruct in response to student needs.
  • Instruct wider range of practices of Satyananda tradition.
    • Pawanmuktasana 1, 2 and 3, Vajrasana Standing and Balancing asana, Relaxation asana categories.
    • Pranayama, introductory level: Viloma, Nadi Shodhana, Bhramari, Ujjayi,
    • Instructing yoga nidra – complete practice.
    • Introduction to instructing meditation. Short practices based on body stillness, breath and senses, Understand the art of the 5 minute meditation.
  • Integrated anatomy and physiology for relevant practices including care in practice.
  • Greater fluidity in using themes and physical focuses for awareness including body, breath and sensory awareness.
  • More tools for reducing stress, managing in life.
  • Begin to apply class management techniques including addressing different skill levels within a class.
  • Prepare classes and make incremental improvements based on the experience of instructing them.

At the end of this module the participants in the course will be able to prepare and instruct a series of classes effectively and appropriately with a greater capacity to address a wider range of student needs.

The three instructor modules are designed to be completed in linear order. Initial enrolment covers the three modules. All course modules need to be completed to receive the qualification.