Sharing and Learning Yoga Community Membership categories

  • Community – Open – $70 a month – open to everyone. If you wish to attend one or more yoga classes a week, this is the place to begin. Additional classes have been added to this plan.
  • Community – Complete – $75 a month – for those who have completed our longer courses or have extensive experience in the tradition. Some more advanced practices based on shared understanding and skill level.
  • Community – Plus – $120 a month – incorporates Community Complete plus gives priority access to new resources and courses coming in the year ahead. Substantial savings for repeat enrollment in longer courses.


Categories of membership

Community Open

Community Complete

Community Plus

Simple Sunday class Included Included Included
Sunday Yoga Nidra Included Included Included
Tuesday chanting Included Included Included
Wednesday evening class Included Included Included
Meditative Wednesday Included Included
Rise and Shine Friday (courses) Included Included
A Guide to Yoga
Saturday NEW (personal practice support series)
Included Included included
Day programs
Big Day In with Yoga (regular Sunday) Included Included Included
Video & audio recordings
Current and recent
Class recordings
Included Included Included
Extensive archive of resources and classes Partial Partial Included
Access to previously completed courses Included Included
Additional resources and advanced courses with purchase Included
New yoga books, resources and courses 15% Most included
Course Discounts 5% 15% 15% to 100%
Retake current version of previously completed courses  with 15% discount Included
Monthly fee $70 $75 $120

NOTE: We take breaks over Christmas and New Year starting from December 15. During term breaks throughout the year not all live classes are available.

NOTE 2: Residential courses have discounts, but percentages may vary to those listed above. 3 Instructor Modules have no discounts.